May 29, 2023

About James

James “BLAME” Duhaime is a professional stand up comedian and founder of the Eugene Comedy Crescendo company based in Eugene Oregon. James started his comedy career in 2012. He has since performed in hundreds of comedy shows all over the Pacific Northwest. James is also a movie producer and actor. He produced a video documentary “Coping With Comedy” released in 2015. Click videos to view. James has also appeared in several comedy short films including “Time to come clean in Eugene” and “There’s Trouble In Tracktown” To book James individually or a James Blame produced comedy show contact us today!

About Eugene Comedy Crescendo:

Eugene Comedy Crescendo Founded by James Blame in 2018, produces live comedy entertainment. Under the management of founder and stand up comic James Blame, ECC has produced hundreds of successful comedy shows all over the Pacific Northwest (see photo gallery). We bring professional comedy to your venue at an affordable price. Private show bookings welcome. Stay up to date on all the latest events. Contact us today to book your comedy show and let the laughs begin!

Eugene Comedy Crescendo Mission Statement

We intend to make the world a better place, One joke at a time. In this endeavor we provide the opportunities for comics to improve their skills. We produce the Barnlight weekly open mic for new comics to improve their skills. We produce a monthly professional show at the Houndstooth Public House in Eugene for feature pro comics working on being headliners. We also produce a Monthly show at Mac’s club downtown Eugene for headliners and premium feature comics. Eugene Comedy Crescendo is connecting with the masses in a very important way. We spread laughter and good times.